Is your old outfit planning a reunion?
Do you want a top notch presentation ?

Do you want it for free?

If so, Flying Brick has the answer for you.
Three of our programs, "Return of the Warbirds,"
"Liberator, " and "Fortress" are ideal. They were
produced by veterans for veterans. Each video
runs 30 minutes and presents an uplifting patriotic
program guaranteed to stir the soul of all
red-blooded Americans.

How can we do this?
Well, after your audience sees the program they
will want to rush out and buy a million copies.
Or so we hope.
Either way, it's free to the organization.

Also, we can customize the program.
Send us pictures of your crews
and we can insert them
in the program.

For more information on this offer
contact Flying Brick Video at 



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