Goose World

"Goose World" is a whimsical and often hilarious look at the cement goose phenomena. The program is a skillful blend of reality and fantasy that takes the viewer on a non-stop ride through the wacky world of the garbed goose. Here you will meet Rudolf the Red Nosed Reingoose, Bill Clinton Goose, Mother Goose, and a host of other characters including a guest appearance by Rush Limbaugh. Whether you love these creatures or think they are the dumbest things God ever created, this program is for you.


The time is the future. The place is the barren wasteland once the lush green expanse of the Miami Valley. A team of archaeologists enters the forbidding sulfur fields near the site of ancient Dayton, Ohio and cautiously begin excavations. During their search they uncover unsettling clues to the cause of the greatest ecological disaster since the Amazon Desert. What they find is startling. Could seemingly benign artifacts from the distant past really hold the key to the demise of the Midwest? The answer lies in  "Goose World."

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