Fortress: The Plane and Her Crews

Lt. John Zampatti and the crew of "Stag Party"

She was deservedly called the "Queen of the Skies." The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was a 13 ton glamour girl who packed quite a wallop. She was a warrior who could take it as well as she dished it out. The Fort was the symbol of America's air war in Europe, a consort to Hollywood stars and the pride of her crews.  The latest Flying Brick video, "Fortress: The Plane and Her Crews," presents a very personal look at the plane and the affection her crews lavished upon her.  Through the use of archival and present day photos and film; interviews and barrack's songs, the viewer meets the pilots, gunners and ground crews as they reminisce about the "old girl" and, for perhaps the last time, share in her glories and foibles.

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