Banners by Steve Pribish BANNERS: For God, Tsar and Russia

Fiction / Historical      Trade Paperback     232 Pages

Publication Date: May-2005  

ISBN: 0-595-35611-7 

Size: 6X9    

Price: $15.95  On Demand Printing 

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Taylor, and iUnivers, Inc


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"When elephants fight, the mice get trampled."

An assassination in Serbia sets off a series of events that draws the world into an ever-expanding vortex of madness. As mighty armies clash, entire populations must either flee their ancestral homes or be ground into dust. Akulina Boriskova Pribish and her two young sons are caught in the center of the madness and with the other villagers of Hutawa, Byelorussia must choose between death as warriors and life as refugees.

BANNERS is the saga of a people caught in the horrors of the Great War and the Russian Revolution. From the first heady days of victory, through humiliating defeats and the empty promises of revolution, their experiences mirror those of millions upon whose mighty shoulders future generations would rest. BANNERS begins where the first novel in the series, IKONS, ends.

Steve Pribish was born in Joliet, Illinois of Russian immigrants and learned stories of "years ago" first hand from his father and grandfather. After college, Steve spent thirty-three years working for the United States government monitoring the Soviet Union. He was deeply involved in Russian culture and made prolonged trips into European Russia. "Ikons" is the result of several generations of experience. Steve is the author of over two hundred government reports and has written for "Home and Away" and "Videomaker" magazines, and several Midwestern newspapers. His short storis, "There Will Be Crosses" and  "The MiG and I" both won first place awards.