Grandpa's nose art was just too much!Before the advent of  Political Correctness, aircraft crews individualized their plane with works of art.  While all manner of images appeared on the fuselage, the ones that most often caught the eye were those depicting the female anatomy.  Certainly that is the case of the nose art in "Liberator: The Plane and Her Crews." An enlisted man stationed at Gioia del Colle, Italy, in 1944 managed to save many of these fleeting beauties for posterity.  Afraid his mother may be shocked at his sinful wartime exposure, his pictures were hidden away and forgotten for nearly fifty years.   Now we can see what carried Grandpa through the war.   Images of B-24 nose art were taken from the video "Liberator - The Plane and Her Crews" using SNAPPY and cleaned up so as not to shock the innocent.


Liberator Nose Art

Irish Lil Comes Home

Pistol Packing Mama

Maiden USA

Upstairs Maid

???? Squaw

Fuel Cell Fanny

Skirt Patrol

Ferp Finesco

???? Squaw

Old Grand Dad's Dream

Glammer Gal

All Meat, No Potatoes

Wise Virgin

Fertile Myrtel


Sleepy Time Gal

Boozin' Susan

Miss Oklahoma

Booby Trap

Little Dee Icer

Your Choice